Digital display boards for foreign currency exchange

Improve your currency exchange business by easily managing the currency rates shown to your customers. ForexBoard is a powerful and easy to use iOS mobile app that connects to a smart TV, to create a professional looking currency exchange rate Display Screen.

The system requires a WIFI connection for both the smart TV and the iOS iPhone and works with leading brands of smart TV’s.

Improve your business operations with a centralized currency exchange rates updates, and at the same time project a professional image to your customers with our attractive screen design and layout. Option for hourly auto update of exchange rates from Open Exchange Rates API.

The ForexBoard mobile app is the most practical digital signage solution for your currency exchange rates screens, perfect for businesses such as Money Changers, Travel Agencies, Banks, Hotels, Airports and other similar operations.


About ForexBoard

ForexBoard is a powerful mobile app solution that alows you to efficiently manage your currency exchange rate TV Display Boards. You will only need to use a single mobile app to control and update one or multiple TV Display Screens.

Use a digital signage solution for your currency exchange display screens and say goodbye to outdated LED boards.

Perfect for money exchange centers, travel agencies, hotels, airports with a single Branch or with multiple Branch locations!



  • Works for all top brands of smart TV hardware 
  • Minimal hardware requirements: an iOS phone, a smart TV and a stable Wifi connection will make the system work
  • Not being tied up to a specific hardware manufacturer guards against hardware obsolescence
  • a single iOS mobile app device to control all your foreign currency rates TV Screens


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Different templates and colors selection to match your business branding
  • Flexible TV hardware allows for any screen size, screen orientation and many mounting options


  • Easy and intuitive to use mobile app user interface
  • Manual exchange rate update or automatic rate update for any of the 100 individual currencies
  • Automatic exchange rate data feed from with hourly updates
  • Option to auto upadte individual exchange rates on an hourly bases, with data feed from with a one-time activation fee
  • Individual control for each currency sell rate and buy rate either manual or automatic update
  • Drag and drop display sequence of currencies from top to bottom
  • Centralized control of one or multiple TV screens, across any number of branches


Forex Board Screenshot

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Pricing Options

Monthly subscription recurring charges via Apple in-app purchases. The FREE Version is limited to 2 display Currencies and 1 time publish update per day.

Price (US$) Currency TV Screens
FREE 2 1
19.99 Unlimited 2
29.99 3
39.99 5
49.99 8
59.99 10
69.99 12
79.99 15
89.99 20
99.99 25

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LED Currency Display Boards

Say NO to out-dated technologies using proprietary hardware LED exchange rate boards, with its various disadvantages:

  • Hard to modify the exchange rates using proprietary keypads
  • No central control of multiple exchange rates LED boards
  • Limited and inflexible design options
  • Hardware vendor lock-in since these are specialized items

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